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AAHARFood consulting

AAHARFood consulting

We offer holistic solutions for commercial ventures in the food business. Some of our services are:


Create a new product portfolio or flavours based on parameters provided by your team, including standardisation or taste improvement of existing products.


Develop standardized recipes for existing products in your product mix or new products that you wish to commercialise. We could also create customer recipe booklets.

  • Evaluation of Product or Service Portfolio
  • Provide professional evaluation & advice on existing products & services.
    Restaurant Menu Development
  • Create a new menu or revamp an existing menu offering for hotels & restaurants.
  • Training of food professional
  • Training of food professionals including revamping of curriculum, if any- Training experienced or fresh food professionals in multiple cuisines.
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Revamp or create appropriate kitchen design based on the size and need of the commercial kitchen.


Customers who could utilize these services are:

Large corporate & FMCGs in the food business

Hotel, Restaurants & Caterers

Manufacturers of food products

Hotel Management & Food training Institutes